AusOpinion is the new post-election name for AusVotes 2013, the group blog created to provide the observations, analysis and opinion that was missing in the traditional media’s coverage of the election.

It seems we really struck a chord with our readers, who embraced the broad range of political views our bloggers provided without resorting to rantiness and partisan attacks. The conversations that took place in the comments have also been almost universally interesting, informative and respectful.

The honour AusVotes received in the Best Australian Blogs 2013 competition was therefore due not only to our great bloggers but also our fabulous readers and commenters.

Having been part of such an enjoyable experience, AusVotes bloggers are keen to continue now the election is over.

Under the new name, AusOpinion, our writers will provide even more informed political opinion and analysis in this Brave New World of an Abbott Government and a fractured Senate (post 1 July 2014).