Many of our writers have their own blogs and are on Twitter, so if you like their work here be sure to sign up to their blogs and check out their tweetstream.


Beachdair is a lawyer with interests in public policy, economics and languages. He believes in diversity of all kinds, blogs sporadically at Observations and tweets more regularly as @cantbeeffed.


El Gibbs writes things on the internetz and IRL about policy, politics and well, whatever she feels like. She’s a grumpy policy wonk, trying to be optimistic. You can find her blogging at bluntshovels and on Twitter as @bluntshovels.

Lyn Calcutt

Lyn Calcutt doesn’t have a blog and didn’t quite finish her PhD. Politically, she knee jerks to the left but usually ends up in the centre once she calms down. She can usually been found dithering or on Twitter at @hobjobblesmum.

Richard Chirgwin

Richard Chirgwin is a freelance journalist and GIS analyst, and is Australian correspondent at The Register. His blog can be found here and on Twitter he is @R_Chirgwin.

Simon Copland

Simon Copland is a freelance writer, climate campaigner with, active Greens member and science communications master student. In his spare time he plays rugby union and is a David Bowie fanatic. He is a regular columnist for the Sydney Star Observer, blogs at The Moonbat and tweets at @SimonCopland

Paul Davis

Paul lives in the ACT and dreams of one-day writing awesome research articles and perhaps a novel. Paul’s interested in the interconnected nature of things and can be found on Twitter (@davispg) or his own blog.


Drag0nista has opinions and she’s not afraid to share them. She’s been a Liberal staffer and a lobbyist, and now works as a communications adviser. She blogs at Drag0nista’s Blog, and if you can’t find her on Twitter at @Drag0nista then she’s either asleep or watching trashy police procedural dramas on television.


David Jackmanson

David Jackmanson is a blogger and amateur photographer living in Brisbane. He works in a call centre and believes we should all be able to work fewer hours and get paid more money for it. David dreams of being able to run a radical radio newsroom in his spare time. If you’d like to chat to David, you can find him on Twitter: @djackmanson or you can email him at david at djackmanson dot com

Nathan Lentern

Nathan Lentern is an animal welfare researcher and final year law student. In 2011 he began musing about political trends and strategy at Lentern and he tweets using the handle @nlentern.

Samuel Mullins

Sam was a member of the Liberal Party but let his membership lapse because he left the renewal form in a pile of other stuff. In any case, he only went to the meetings when they offered free drinks. He can be found on twitter at @SamuelMullins or at his blog.

M Nash

M Nash is a Canberra-based analyst with an avid interest in politics, halfway to his goal of having more letters after his name than are in it. He’s been an activist for gender and sexual minorities, and for women’s rights. While not a member of, a volunteer for, or affiliated with, any political party these days, he was a member of the ALP many years ago for about five minutes (for social reasons). Nash blogs at TechnicallyIimpartial, and tweets at @citation_needed.

Nick Osbaldiston

Nick Osbaldiston is a lecturer in sociology in the school of Applied Media and Social Science at Monash University. As a cultural sociologist, Nick has a keen interest in the interaction between society, media and politics.You can find him on Twitter at @nickosbaldiston.


pseudomorph is a Melbourne based student, thinker, geek and wannabe educator, writer and all round smarty pants. He is a PhD candidate in sociology at La Trobe University and a lecturer in Australian culture and society at ACU Melbourne. He blogs here and tweets at @pseudomorph

James Purser

James is a podcaster, tinkerer, web developer, father, husband and ranter on things political. When he’s not working on creating awesome internet things, he produces and presents a few podcasts over at and blogs occaisonally at (though honestly not much lately).

Bill Street

Bill Street works in education and lives in Rural and Regional Australia. He blogs at Billablog and tweets from @Billablog.

Preston Towers

Preston Towers is the nickname given to an apartment building on Preston St, South Penrith. It’s also the pseudonym of a teacher who used to live in that apartment building. He tweets under the name @prestontowers, has a blog called The Preston Institute, which is a tribute to the King of Institutes, Gerard Henderson.

Damien Walker

When he’s not here helping fill the gaps left by Australia’s Olde Worlde media, Damien Walker writes about that which amuses and bemuses him at The Underwhelming Blog. Following him on Twitter makes you sexy: @DamienCWalker.


Whit Goughlam (in homage to his political hero) is a retired educator. He tweets as @leftocentre, blogs at Whiticisms and dabbles in poetry at Notadeadpoet.